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Stichting IJkdijk sets out to generate interest in the themes of water management and water quality in the education sector. 

Stichting IJkdijk continuously involves education in the project, on the basis of:

  • a work placement plaza for higher professional education institutes and universities, both for assignments in the project and for related assignments with participating companies
  • A theme week at a secondary school in Delfzijl. Pupils could build their own sensors and place them in small dike models. 
  • Assignments for Master's students and the provision of research data to PhD candidates.

Stichting IJkdijk has been an education partner of the Hanze Institute for Technology (HIT) since 2009.


Hanze Institute of Technology

Hanze Insitute of Technology (HIT) education partner of Stichting IJkdijk 

The HIT is a high-tech education and research institute in the field of applied sensor technology. The best students arrive at the institute from all over the world to take the Bachelor's degree in Advanced Sensor Application. At this institute students find a unique, inspiring setting in which education is given in English by an international staff. This is done in close partnership with leading partner companies. Working at the cutting edge of education, commerce and research, the HIT concentrates on applied technological solutions that create immediate added value in the public domain. The most important aim is to add the human dimension to the technology.

The strong similarities between the innovative Stichting IJkdijk and the HIT with its sensor degree programme make them natural allies. The knowledge and experience gained in the IJkdijk projects can be passed on directly to the latest admission of sensor technology students. This partnership ensures that the IJkdijk's innovative sensor applications are included in the regular education of the sensor degree programme. The students are given the IJkdijk as a case, which places them in contact with solutions of the various countries taking part in it. The companies themselves are expressly asked to contribute to this in order to share their knowledge and experience with students. There are also IJkdijk-related graduation and research projects for students.

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